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Program example
  WAFERView.OCX for Windows is a software development kit for both the semiconductor and disk drive industry. It offers 9 different types of graphics of WAFERMAP for Windows as an ActiveX control.

WAFERView.OCX is the perfect solution for scanning ellipsometers, four point probes and others.

WAFERView.OCX employs an innovative object oriented visual programming interface to create and modify wafer plots. It was developed to satisfy the analysis and visualization needs of metrology equipment manufacturers.

WAFERView.OCX allows software developers to use Boin's innovative plot techniques to develop their own data analysis and visualization tools. 1D, 2D and 3D graphs and histograms can easily be integrated into existing applications.

OEM customers can benefit from WAFERView.OCX:

- quick and easy integration into metrology applications

- save development time and costs

- high quality data visualization


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