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Wafer Manufacturers

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Semicon Taiwan 2009
September 30 -October 2, 2009, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

Semicon Europa 2009
October 6-8, 2009, Messe Dresden Germany

PV Taiwan 2009
October 7-9 2009

Semicon Japan 2009
December 2 December 4, 2009, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

Semicon Russia 2010
June 14 -16, 2010, World Trade Center, Moscow, Russia

  • Compound Semiconductor Wafer (16)
  • Epitaxial Wafer (Epi) (5)
  • Silicon on Insulator (SOI)/ Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) (7)
  • Wafer Reclaim Service (18)

    Acura Materials Corp.
    Advantiv Technologies, Inc Supplier of silicon wafers and processing services
    Bandwidth Semiconductor
    BCO Technologies
    Cemat Silicon S.A.
    Chip Supply
    Cree Research
    Crystal GmbH
    Joint Stock company Elma
    Episil Technologies Inc.
    FCM Germany
    Ibis Technology simox soi wafers
    Komatsu Silicon America, Inc.
    Kyodo International, Inc.
    MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.
    Mitsubishi Silicon America
    Montco Silicon Technologies
    NSC Nanosemiconductor NanoEpitaxy wafers for optoelectronic and microelectronic applications
    NOEL Technologies
    Polishing Corporation of America
    Prolog Semicor Ltd.
    Semiconductor Materials & Services
    Silicon Inc.
    SiCrystal AG
    SiGen (Silicon Genesis Corporation)
    Silicon Quest International
    Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc.
    Siltronic AG
    SouthWest Silicon, Inc.
    Sterling Semiconductor Silicon carbide and wafers
    Sumco (Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corporation)
    TTI Silicon wafers (100mm to 300mm)
    Tygh Silicon Inc.
    Ultrasil fusion bonded soi wafers
    Ultrasilicon/ Siegert Consulting e.K.
    Uni Light Technology
    Union Optotronics Corp
    University Wafer
    Valley Design
    Virginia Semiconductor, Inc.
    Wafer World Inc.
    Wafer Works

    [Link Page] Silicon wafer producers and suppliers Good link page from Michael Moll
    [Info] Silicon Wafer Glossary (Explains TTV, Bow, Warp, Flatness...)

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