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Ten Radical Methods To Jumpstart Your Sales

by Scott F. Geld

1. Promote your website with animated banner ads that cause people to act. Your goal is to must capture people's interest so they will click the banner.

2. Insert popup windows or notices about your company to your website. They will appeal to them because they will attract them.

3. Purchase publications and join associations related to doing business on the Web. Research and study all the current ideas about promoting a website.

4. Examine all of your marketing techniques. Focus on those that are successful and eliminate the unsuccessful ones. Don't misuse your waste your precious time.

5. Get the most return from every visitor to your website. Ask them to subscribe to your e-zine, participate on your message board, bookmark your site, etc.

6. Apply text links if the banner advertisements are not drawing customers. People tend to notice text link just as much as banner ads.

7. Exchange text with other publishers of online publications or websites. This is a tremendous and efficient way to put your links on other websites.

8. Always maintain reserves of your merchandise. Having to place a backorder may result in the customer canceling the order.

9. Position text on your website so people can browse through it without difficulty. The majority of people are short on time so present information in lists, make your advice brief, and provide articles that are concise.

10. Place a forum or chat area to your website. If people benefit from it, they will visit your website to take part in it on a consistent basis.

Scott F. Geld is the Director of Marketing for, a company selling super-targeted traffic and direct links:

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